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Energetic, Unique and Straight From the Soul

Elimelech Adler provides exceptional music for simchas and all Jewish events. Whether you are looking for a one man band at a bar mitzva, a full band at a wedding, or an ACOUSTIC ONE MAN BAND at a sheva brachos, your event will be transformed by the life and energy that the music provides.

Elimelech has not performed for any presidents, nor has he been on prime time TV. He simply loves to give people an uplifting experience with his music.

Whether performing a soulful havdalah or playing an energetic dance set at a wedding, the music that your hear will bring you to a new place.

As a multi-instrumentalist, his expertise playing a number of different instruments gives him an uncanny understanding of band music. This translates into superior sounding music when leading his band or even when performing alone.

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